nye syd. harbour fireworks. 1st nye x. hawaii 5 0. maui babe. lofting. voguing. the hamburgler. dirty poems in lit. olympic madness. edward scissor hands at the pink house. bourbon twins. calvin harris. crystal castles. the jellybean car. completing my minor, discovering my major. loving my classes. week-long sleep overs + giggling until it hurts in the marshmallow. krumping. dirty nights at the bilt. glow stick mustachios. dr martens. purple hair. bear hugs from cwt also chocolate cake, too many wee wigglers. the best rock star card. victoria weekend. alice + wonderland. shucking oysters + drinking wine on the pier. temper trap + commodore craziness. trips to santa monica. venice beach as always. impromptu summer flights in the baron. reading on wreck beach. vintage sparkles, limos + lady gaga. early morning tumblr. road trip. seattle. bob dylan with the boy. shot in the dark, hold the valium. finally visiting paris. walking the champs-élysées. soaking in the louvre. musée d'orsay. florence syndrome ensuing. french macarons. my nikon d90. dancing in front of the moulin rouge. lover's locks. the tate modern. harrods. we no speak americano. versailles. oscar wilde. klimt der kuss. dubrovnik + topless tanning on the dalmation coast. octopus salad. hypocrite in a pouffy white dress. david sedaris. viennese coffee. june 18. falling head over heels in love. kissing louis in gastown. kissing louis anywhere + everywhere. psychic city. As. seawall bike rides. the night time wilderness ramble + phantom skinny dipping + watching the sunset. marble slab. avicii. dada life. whis bliss. vanilla stoli. florence + the machine. tutus + sparkly tights. backstage with miike snow. the xx. lissie live. wipeouts at death crew 77. sleepovers at 2266.
my little hidden heart. new years mink + moet.
that final countdown kiss.

2011...are you ready?