c'mon skinny love
lets play pretty
 take me out tonight
wish on everything. pink cars are good, especially old ones.
and stars of course, first stars and shooting stars.
planes will do if they are the first light in the sky and look like stars. 
wish in tunnels, holding your breath and lifting your feet off the ground.
birthday candles.
baby teeth.
francesca lia block
a shield of positive energy
first bike ride of the summer
to the beach!

i see london, i see france...
day 5
lets fly airplanes at night
hey katie

yes please.
lets get away, just you + me
sometimes you fall, spinning through space, grasping for the things that keep you on this earth. sometimes you catch them. they can be the hands of the people you love. they can be your pets- pups with funny names, cats with ferocious old souls. the thing that keeps you here can be your art. it can be things you have collected and invested with a certain sense of meaning. a flowered, buckled treasure chest of secrets. shoes that make you taller and, therefore, closer to the heavens. a suit that belonged to your fairy godmother. a dress that makes you feel a little like the goddess herself.
sometimes you keep falling; you don't catch anything.
sometimes you fall, spinning through space, grasping for the things that keep you here. sometimes you catch them. sometimes you don't.

sometimes they catch you.

- francesca lia block

santa monica dreaming
dream a little dream for me
some of life's natural highs:
falling in love
hearing your favorite song on the radio
lying in bed listening to the rain
bubble baths
long conversations late at night
lazing on the beach
naps in someone else's arms
a perfect kiss
running through sprinklers
long bike rides in the sun
getting lost in a book
laughing at yourself
laughing so hard your tummy hurts
true friends
having someone tell you you're beautiful
telling someone how beautiful they are
floating like a feather on the wind
lydia hearst
photographed by elias wessel
vixen magazine
spring 2010
+ wildfox
wildfox kidz