pirelli calendar
summer sun meet boobs, boobs meet the sun.
ink me.
                                                                                                                     Oscar Wilde

pillow talk.
looking forward. sorta.
caught you, like a shooting star


nose candy

time to dance it out.

lets fall asleep on a dock in the sun this summer
                                                                                                   everything is moving so wonderfully quick.
                                                                                                                sigur rós frontman jónsi birgisson.

positive associations

 fuck exams,turn it up to 11
 + sleep ins
can't tame me.
and i know when we see each other again and my heart is breaking over and over that there will be words that are too painful for us to say and your silence is still deafening
float on.

i'm not finished
16 days.
complicated universal cum
+ hot tub make outs.
the most amazing lazy weekend ever. sigh.
hello best week of the year.
purple haze