rousse chantilly

of course it is happening inside your head...but why on earth
should that mean that it is not real?

bec + bridge
+ top hats

nye syd. harbour fireworks. 1st nye x. hawaii 5 0. maui babe. lofting. voguing. the hamburgler. dirty poems in lit. olympic madness. edward scissor hands at the pink house. bourbon twins. calvin harris. crystal castles. the jellybean car. completing my minor, discovering my major. loving my classes. week-long sleep overs + giggling until it hurts in the marshmallow. krumping. dirty nights at the bilt. glow stick mustachios. dr martens. purple hair. bear hugs from cwt also chocolate cake, too many wee wigglers. the best rock star card. victoria weekend. alice + wonderland. shucking oysters + drinking wine on the pier. temper trap + commodore craziness. trips to santa monica. venice beach as always. impromptu summer flights in the baron. reading on wreck beach. vintage sparkles, limos + lady gaga. early morning tumblr. road trip. seattle. bob dylan with the boy. shot in the dark, hold the valium. finally visiting paris. walking the champs-élysées. soaking in the louvre. musée d'orsay. florence syndrome ensuing. french macarons. my nikon d90. dancing in front of the moulin rouge. lover's locks. the tate modern. harrods. we no speak americano. versailles. oscar wilde. klimt der kuss. dubrovnik + topless tanning on the dalmation coast. octopus salad. hypocrite in a pouffy white dress. david sedaris. viennese coffee. june 18. falling head over heels in love. kissing louis in gastown. kissing louis anywhere + everywhere. psychic city. As. seawall bike rides. the night time wilderness ramble + phantom skinny dipping + watching the sunset. marble slab. avicii. dada life. whis bliss. vanilla stoli. florence + the machine. tutus + sparkly tights. backstage with miike snow. the xx. lissie live. wipeouts at death crew 77. sleepovers at 2266.
my little hidden heart. new years mink + moet.
that final countdown kiss.

2011...are you ready?
what shall we do, all of us? all of us passionate girls
who fear crushing the boys we love with our mouths like caverns of teeth,
our mushrooming brains, our watermelon hearts?

not only does the lady have bodacious tatas, she also has splendiferous taste in literature

Abbey Lee for V Magazine
déjà vu - the experience of being certain that you have experienced or seen a new situation previously – you feel as though the event has already happened or is repeating itself. the experience is usually accompanied by a strong sense of familiarity and a sense of eeriness, strangeness, or weirdness. the “previous” experience is usually attributed to a dream, but sometimes there is a firm sense that it has truly occurred in the past.
déjà vécu - is what most people are experiencing when they think they are experiencing deja vu. déjà vu is the sense of having seen something before, whereas déjà vécu is the experience of having seen an event before, but in great detail – such as recognizing smells and sounds. this is also usually accompanied by a very strong feeling of knowing what is going to come next.
déjà visité - a less common experience and it involves an uncanny knowledge of a new place. for example, you may know your way around a new town or a landscape despite having never been there, and knowing that it is impossible for you to have this knowledge. déjà visité is about spatial and geographical relationships, while déjà vécu is about temporal occurrences. nathaniel hawthorne wrote about an experience of this in his book “our old home” in which he visited a ruined castle and had a full knowledge of its layout. he was later able to trace the experience to a poem he had read many years early by alexander pope in which the castle was accurately described.
déjà senti - déjà senti is the phenomenon of having “already felt” something. this is exclusively a mental phenomenon and seldom remains in your memory afterwards. in the words of a person having experienced it: “what is occupying the attention is what has occupied it before, and indeed has been familiar, but has been forgotten for a time, and now is recovered with a slight sense of satisfaction as if it had been sought for. the recollection is always started by another person’s voice, or by my own verbalized thought, or by what I am reading and mentally verbalize; and i think that during the abnormal state i generally verbalize some such phrase of simple recognition as ‘oh yes—i see’, ‘of course—i remember’, etc., but a minute or two later i can recollect neither the words nor the verbalized thought which gave rise to the recollection. i only find strongly that they resemble what i have felt before under similar abnormal conditions.”
jamais vu - jamais vu (never seen) describes a familiar situation which is not recognized. it is often considered to be the opposite of déjà vu and it involves a sense of eeriness. the observer does not recognize the situation despite knowing rationally that they have been there before. it is commonly explained as when a person momentarily doesn’t recognize a person, word, or place that they know. chris moulin, of leeds university, asked 92 volunteers to write out “door” 30 times in 60 seconds. he reported that 68 per cent of his guinea pigs showed symptoms of jamais vu, such as beginning to doubt that “door” was a real word. this has lead him to believe that jamais vu may be a symptom of brain fatigue.
presque vu - presque vu is very similar to the “tip of the tongue” sensation – it is the strong feeling that you are about to experience an epiphany – though the epiphany seldom comes. the term “presque vu” means “almost seen”. the sensation of presque vu can be very disorienting and distracting.